What is UV Sanitization and How Does It Work?

What is UV Sanitization and How Does It Work? - Air Sniper - Industrial Air Filters - Featured Image

The purpose of air purification is always the same; restrict, remove or destroy harmful particles and microorganisms in the air. However, the methods we use to achieve this goal can vary significantly. Today we will learn about a new method that is showing proven effectiveness. This method is UV sanitization.


What is UV light?

UV light is part of the light spectrum and emits waves shorter than visible light but longer than x-rays. It can actually disrupt DNA, destroy nucleic acids and kill microorganisms. However, it is important to note that not all UV light is capable of this. Instead, it is necessary to use the higher frequencies, known as shortwave, germicidal or UVC light.


Fun fact: the final name for shortwave ultraviolet light, UVC, comes from the ISO standard ISO-21348. In this standard, they define several categories for the UV spectrum, assigned between 10-400 nanometers. UVC sits between 100-280 nanometers. Some species of insects can see between 300-400 nanometers, in the Near Ultraviolet (NUV) range!

UVC light is effective in germicidal operations because of the volatility of the short wavelength, making it effective as an air purification method. Although, simply producing UVC light is not enough for this method of germicidal sanitization to be effective. Concentrating the output and increasing the efficiency of the system is also essential. Below, we show how Air Sniper puts UVC light to use in their air sanitization systems, and how they maximize the potential for DNA-RNA deactivation.


The Components of UV Air Sanitization Systems


The pre-filter traps particulate matter in a 75-micron mesh. This filter functions in a similar way to HEPA filters, however, there is one key difference. Air Sniper pre-filters never require replacement. Instead, washing them with hot water and using compressed air is all that is necessary to keep them operating efficiently.



The star of the show is Ultra High Intensity UVC Lamps. These send out ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVGI), which is effective in destroying all microorganisms. Depending on your unit,  you may receive 18 or 36-watt bulbs. We combine several lamps within each unit to create ideal proximity, with an impressive 2 inches or less between each bulb. These lamps are safely contained within the housing and are ideal for even small spaces, like commercial offices, restaurants and gyms.



Having effective fans is key to the air sanitization process. In another article, we discuss how CFM affects airflow. Air Sniper pushes out some of the highest CFM, which makes it ideal for even large scale operations. Our Air Sniper Ultra can handle manufacturing, retail, food processing, and warehousing facilities, with a single unit capable of sanitizing up to 7,500 cubic feet.


Reflective Chamber

The inside of the unit, which increases the intensity of the UVC light is our reflective material of choice as it does not reflect light the same way. Our units are portable, easy-to-use and feature plug & play design; all in a sleek and attractive design. They are highly effective for commercial spaces like warehouses, professional offices, clinics and come in a variety of stand-alone and inline options.


These are the essential components of an air sanitization solution. However, there are many other features that we include in our units as standard, such as our patented photocatalytic elements. To learn more about our products, and how they can assist businesses of every size, contact us today!